So you have decided to make the big step?

You are in the right place! This is a guide to buying the right engagement ring online - EASY


The internet is full of great guides, but most of them talk about the technical aspects of the diamond. Let’s face it – it takes years of practice to understand how to grade a diamond. This guide will not talk about the technical side at all. The intent of this guide is to make the process of buying an engagement ring easy and meaningful. We have created 6 easy steps to get the most out of this important moment based on our experience with hundreds of engagement searchers just like you.

Important note: All the steps in this guide can be used with all jewelry makers/designers.

Make it count

An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry!

An engagement is a physical symbol of your love and commitment to each other.

Congratulations! Getting engaged is a really big and exciting step in your relationship. You are committing to your love and that is amazing! Sometimes because of the excitement we forget to pause for a second and let this important occasion sink in and see the beauty of it. So before you go on to buy the ring, pause for a sec…

Think about your partner through the process.

Think about your partner through the process.

What does he or she symbolize to you in your life? What value does he or she bring?

Give yourself a minute to envision your partner in your mind’s eye. Look at how he or she influenced your life.

You are about to take a major step on your journey together. What word or two would you like her or him to take on this journey?

To make the ring even more special, ask your jeweler to engrave the word inside the ring so that wherever your partner goes he or she will have a reminder of what you mean to them.

Keep your money

Let’s be honest

To buy a high-quality diamond you have to invest a lot of money. These little babies aren’t cheap. As we learned from our former customers, they usually compromised or reached deeply into their pockets. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

The new diamonds on the market are half price

Lab grown diamonds or, as we call them, free diamonds! Yes, yes! They are exactly the same as regular diamonds and half the price. We will talk about their advantages in the next chapter.

Save the planet

Say hello to free diamonds

Free diamonds are lab grown and created with minimal damage to the planet. They have exactly the same characteristics as regular diamonds. It gets even better – they are half the price and more than regular mined diamonds. Here are some of the pros and cons of free (also known as lab grown) diamonds.


  • They are the same as organic mined diamonds in almost every way.
  • Their environmental impact and eco footprint are more favorable than that of mined diamonds.
  • You can get a guarantee on what you’re buying.


  • Resell price can be lower than that of mined diamonds.
  • Some people have a stigma about lab grown diamonds or romance with mined diamonds.
  • Some lab grown diamonds still have a high energy usage and carbon footprint.

*For the full article about the pros and cons of lab grown diamonds: click Here

The damage diamond mining is causing

Diamond mining can cause soil erosion, water pollution, dust pollution, and much more. Furthermore, as we all have seen in the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, some diamond mining was done by force based on wars. Although there is a law against it, we still can’t know the true source of the diamonds.

Where can I get free (lab grown) diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have become really popular – almost every engagement ring seller has them. Ask your jeweler if he has them. We recommend contacting a seller who sells only lab grown diamonds to ensure that he is a professional.

Find the perfect design - easily

Getting the design right is a big thing. Nothing is more fulfilling than to see the face of your partner filled with excitement after seeing the ring for the first time. So how do you know what your partner likes? This guide offers two easy ways to go about it:

Contact your partner’s close friends or family

If you have been talking about it for a while, there is a big chance that a close friend knows exactly what your partner likes. Go ahead and contact them, but make sure you don’t tell too many of his or her friends and that when you contact them your partner is not around.

Look at your partner’s style and explore the internet

Take a look at your partners‘ jewelry that he or she usually wears. Is it minimal, more out there, or even colorful? When you get the theme, try to find an engagement ring with the same theme on the internet. Pinterest is the best place to search. It is like the Disney World of engagement rings. We created a few boards of engagement rings based on different  themes to make things easier to find. 

Click Here to view ideas on Pinterest 

Finding out the ring size

That can be the hardest task, but resizing an engagement is easy, fast, and not costly, So don’t sweat if you don’t get it right. To make things easy we are offering two simple ways we have found through the years that are the best for finding the right ring size without your partner knowing.

Take your partners’ ring at night 

Most people take off their rings before going to sleep. Check which ring your partner wears on the fourth finger of the left hand (the engagement ring finger). When your partner is sound asleep, take the ring and easily figure out your partner’s ring size with this printout guide or with this  internet guide.

TIP: Wait at least an hour after your partner goes to sleep. If your partner is a light sleeper, don’t do it!

Ask your jeweler to estimate the ring size

Yes! An experienced jeweler can estimate the ring size pretty accurately based on pictures of your partner. So show your jeweler photos of your partner, preferably of the hands.

Important: Make sure that free resizing is included in your jeweler’s services!

The small things to look for

From our experience with hundreds of customers there are 5 small things to look for when buying an engagement ring that can get forgotten:

  • Free resizing included in the service if the ring size is not correct.
  • No questions asked return policy if your partner does not like it.
  • Authenticated diamond grading certificate for the ring to make sure that all you get is truly as stated.
  • Shipping the engagement ring to a different address from yours, perhaps to that of a close friend or family so that it stays a surprise.
  • If you want to carry the ring in your pocket on the day of proposing, ask your jeweler for a slim box that can be carried around easily. Most engagement ring boxes are big and not easy to carry around.