Our Mission:
Making the process of buying
an engagement online

How We Started?

We searched the net for engagement rings and found that the process is way too hard. You face too many choices that you don’t have a clue about. So we set out on a mission to make the process easier and meaningful. Edi is about getting the most in the least steps. We believe in direct connection and want to give the best service we can give to make this process superfun and unique.

Our planet is important to us, so we work only with free diamonds 

  • Created in a lab, also called lab grown diamonds.
  • They have exactly the same characteristics as regular diamonds.
  • They do minimal harm to our planet and society.
  • They are half the price, which means that you get a lot more for much less!

Giving Back

5% of our profits are donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

dedicated to the protection and well being of all inhabitants of the Earth.

Key Facts

Hasslefree returns

No questions asked 30-day return policy (shipping back is on us).

Ring resizing on us

Have your ring resized at any jeweler’s close to you and receive a refund of up to $60.

Free shipping

We deliver straight to your door worldwide via DHL insured shipping.

Confirm your order

Before we ship out you will receive a video of the ring for your confirmation.

Grading certificate​

All our diamonds are graded in a controlled lab and issued an authentic grading certificate. Learn more about DGI labs: Site link

Slim box​

To help you keep the proposal a surprise we send the ring in a slim box that can be carried around easily.

The Full edi Production

Processing your request

We get a bit excited and then we go straight to analyzing the image you sent, finding out the weight, the type of gold used, the size of the diamonds, and all your personalized requests.

Mailing you a quote

We create a very detailed quote based on all the info we received. We also include how much you saved by using free diamonds.

Recreating a 3D model to 95% accuracy ​

Our model maker creates a 3D model of your chosen design to 95% accuracy to the image. you sent.​

Creating the ring​

We print the model in wax, create a cast, set the stones, and polish the ring. We control the quality control to ensure that every stage is done right.​

Quality control​

After the ring is finished we pass it through our quality control to ensure that it is flawless and the stones are set correctly.​

Video for confirmation​

The last step before we ship it to you. We send you a video of the ring for your confirmation.​

Packing and shipping​

We send the ring with the diamond certificate via DHL express with insurance to make sure the ring is delivered to your door.