We make your engagement ring come true...

Send an image of your dream engagement ring and create yours easily, meaningfully, and in an eco-friendly way.

How it works

step 1

Send us an image of your desired design with instructions.

step 2

We will create the ring to 95% accuracy to the image you sent with free diamonds that are ecological and half the price.

step 3

Receive your engagement ring in 14 business days straight to your door or to another address to keep it a surprise.

you Save 67%

Regular diamonds: 29,485$

Free diamonds: 9,575$

Main diamond weight: 1.5 ct
Side diamonds weight: 0.14 ct
Total Weight: 1.64 ct
Clarity: VS2
Color: F
Diamond shape: Round Brilliant 

you Save 63%

Regular diamonds: 12,075$

Free diamonds: 4,515$

Main diamond weight: 1 ct
Side diamonds weight: 0.38 ct
Total Weight: 1.38 ct
Clarity: VS2
Color: F
Diamond shape: Oval

you Save 70%

Regular diamonds: 12,495$

Free diamonds: 3,995$

Main diamond weight: 1 ct
Side diamonds weight: 0.12 ct
Total Weight: 1.12 ct
Clarity: VS2
Color: F
Diamond shape: Princess

you Save 70%

Regular diamonds: 58,110$

Free diamonds: 17,110$

Main diamond weight: 2 ct
Side diamonds weight: 0.08 ct
Total Weight: 2.08 ct
Clarity: VS2
Color: F
Diamond shape: Round Brilliant

Discover your engagement ring style

Check out our collections on Pinterest. Whether you are looking for a minimal elegant look or a halo bombastic one, you can find it on our boards.

Our Happy Couples

Dor Bdn
Dor Bdn
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"I came to you to make me an engagement ring. You've made the process one big fun!! You were always on my side and did everything possible to make me the perfect ring! Thank you for your uncompromising professionalism and warm and caring attitude. I'm sure we'll be in touch in future..."
Eran Kuris
Eran Kuris
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"When I thought about proposing, I turned to EDI and found an amazing service. They fitted a unique and beautiful ring exactly as I wanted it at a great price! During the whole purchase and until the ring was received they made sure to update me on what was going to be sent. I strongly recommend their services."
Amir Saad
Amir Saad
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"I would like to say thank you very much for the personal attention. You let me be involved in the creation of the ring. It came out just as I wanted. I enjoyed every moment."

Our Mission: Making it easy

We found out that the process of buying an engagement ring is way too hard! So we set out on a mission to make the process easier, meaningful, and profitable.


All you need to do is select your design and we will help you with the rest. From finding the ring size to the engraving.

A Win-win for You and the Earth

Using only (lab created) free diamonds saves the planet and your money for the vacation you planned.

Close Communication

We are here for you at any point you need help and consulting. You can communicate directly with us or even set up an online meeting.

Our planet is important to us, so we work only with free diamonds 

  • created in a lab, also called lab grown diamonds.
  • They have exactly the same characteristics as regular diamonds.
  • They do minimal harm to our planet and society.
  • They are half the price, which means that you get a lot more for much less!

5% of our profits are donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of all inhabitants of the Earth.

Free engraving


Engrave a special meaning and make the moment last forever